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1NZA Produces Unique Coloring Pages to Improve Children Motor Skills!

It is a colorful world, imagined in the smallest detail and revealing a talent and so much so that it only abhors some people, but where the bracarenses have made themselves noticed. The illustration '1NZA Coloring Pages' already adorns the pages of many books.

During childhood, the child needs to learn to tune the commands of the brain to the balance of the body. In order to develop this ability, it is very important for the child to solve motor coordination activities at school and at home.

In the early grades of early childhood education, several materials are made available to improve the motor coordination of students, such as modeling dough, magazine sheets, crayons and gouache. 

The tasks of cutting and pasting or coloring freely are recommended so that the child learns to have control over his movements. In addition, activities such as jumping, running and dancing, which are also present in the everyday life of children, contribute to the development of motor coordination.

Early childhood is one of the most important phases in a child's development. Everything he learns up to the age of 6 has consequences that can even influence adult life. And music, at this stage of development, can be a great ally of parents who want to encourage their children from a very early age to stay focused, be creative and express themselves better, for example

Creativity, relaxation and much more! Playing with coloring is good for kids

Children at home or at school often receive the task of drawing or coloring. Much is wrong with those who think it is a waste of time or a mere hobby with no function. In fact, it is something that children need to do.

From a very early age they draw and paint illustrations. It is common to find a child making a little house, drawing friends, family, everyday scenes and even representing by drawing the most varied scenes, landscapes and even thoughts. The act is simple, but the learning is enormous!

The coloring is also part of this part of life in an intense way. Children decide the best colors, harmonize shades, learn to identify contrasts, harmonizations, combine colors. Drawing and coloring are very present activities during childhood and not for less. They stimulate the child in such a broad way that they contribute to a better development in multiple ways.

7 Benefits that children have in both drawing and coloring

1-Increase brain connections: finger or hand painting stimulates sensory integration and generates a large amount of brain connections, which facilitates learning other things the child has contact with.

2- Expansion of creativity: from the so-called scribblers, which are those drawings that look more like doodles to the untrained eyes of adults, the child is able to explore his own creativity, expanding it. The drawing helps the child to externalize his imagination in a unique way and thus fixes his learning.

3- Improvement of fine psychomotricity: to draw and paint the child uses chalks, brushes, watercolors, among other resources. The use of various tools helps to develop fine motor coordination.

4- Relaxation: both drawing and painting help the child to deal with his feelings and emotions. They are great resources to deal with anxiety and fear problems, for example.

5- Inner Expression: when drawing, the child can develop expression techniques, which is fundamental to understand social functions. She learns to tell others what she feels and thinks while 'talking' with her drawing.

6- Development of interaction: drawing and painting are playful activities and help create an interaction between adults and children and between children and children. They have the ability to bring people together.

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